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Walk4debbie supporters

So very special and tomorrow I walk with Debbie for Tazzy the staff, but especially the children 💜💜💜💜💜

Tazzy Rushforth - Malmesbury C.E primary school EYFS Mrs Hamilton,Mrs Drivers. Mr Duncan plus TAs

Hi Adrian Luty we have started raising money for Saint Catherine’s walk4debbie my amazing work family and myself have baked animal cookies and ginger bread men for 60 children to decorate, each child has donated to the charity and also for an animal charity as part of our R.E lesson on charity, which is just the start as us lovely adults will be doing run/ walk next Friday for the charities too x hope you loved our children’s personal message to you 🥰 the children know all about you and Debbie and how special you are. Keep going Adrian as the kids said 🥰

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