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£££ Money in the Bank £££

Whats already been raised and for who

See the list below for information on whats already been raised in Debbie's name. Our love and thanks to everyone who have either raised money or made donations. You really are making a difference.

£££ Money in the bank £££: Project

Monies raised so far

Who, Who for and what they did and how much was raised

Richard Greaves

cancer Research

Richard entered an amateur boxing event to raise money for Cancer research just after Debbie had been diagnosed with cancer He raised in excess of £3000

Paul Morris

Cancer Research

Paul is Debbie's brother in law and dare I say a very keen runner. In 2020 Paul set a goal of running every day to raise money. He did this for his late cousin, Debbie and another close friend. He completed 2030 miles!!! and raised a total of £1830

Debbie Luty

Debbie's Just Giving page saw donations total £2194.38

50% Cancer Research 50% 

St Catherine's Hospice

Tara Rushforth

Cancer Research

Tara one of Debbie's special friends walked every day for a month and clocked 169.77 Miles!! in total she raised £570

Kirstie Louise

Cancer Research

Kirstie a very special young lady and friend of Debbie and Me, she has completed her running challenge and raised a magnificent £400

Amanda Morris

Cancer Research

Amanda is Debbie's Sister. She has just had a Facebook donation page for her Birthday and in memory of Debbie. This has raised £170

Rebecca Waller

Cancer Research

Rebecca is Debbie's step daughter. Rebecca had a Facebook donation page for her Birthday and in memory of Debbie. This has raised £175

£££ Money in the bank £££: List
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