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Day 13.

Blakey Ridge to Grosmont. Today’s walk was 14 miles bringing us across and down from from the Moors. Another stunning walk in glorious sunshine. Felt better today but still very much off the pace. Grosmont is approx 14 miles from RHB - so almost at the end of the C2C !!!

It is also a place that me and Debbie loved and spent some time at whilst at our caravan. So always feel very close when I remember the recent visits we had last year 💜. I’ve included a picture I took (July last year) of Debbie outside the station tavern where we are staying tonight. I had pushed Debbie in her wheelchair from Egton and naturally she wanted an ice cream. Lovely, but at the same time sad memories 🥲. Timed it perfectly to video the steam engine leaving 😀. Perhaps wish that was an option for tomorrow 😂. Sorry but poor internet is stopping the video🙈

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