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March update

So another month gone and a March total of 138 miles completed. this brings the total training miles to 461. As I write this the total is approaching the 500, a target I had set myself before setting off on the coast to coast. On this point, tomorrow would have been the original start date. Looking at the weather I might have needed skis and snow boots 🤣. All plans are on course for the re-scheduled start on 18th May and together with St Catherine’s we will officially launch the the event next week. This will include a public campaign, including a press release to help the fundraising. I’m hopeful to get the T-shirt’s next week, so anyone planning to either join me on the walk (in person or virtually) then please contact me and I will try to get you a one off T-shirt. my new favourite training walk is Scarborough to home on the coastal path so here’s a selection of recent photos. This includes one of my lunch using the new jetboil cooker!! Keep walking 😍🤪.

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