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Day 8

Reeth to Richmond. Another gentle day in the boots, just 10.5 miles 😀. Mr Wainwright was a great planner and must have realised the importance of pacing this walk 😂. Not complaining and much respect to the man. Even better tomorrow is our designated and well earned day off!!!!!!!

it’s been a beautiful walk again , climbing for a while before a very pretty decent into Richmond.

In these lower reaches I am reminded as we passed through fields of cows and bulls, the long diversions Debbie would make me take, as she was always so frightened they would attack Her or worse LJ 😱🤣🤣. A 5 mile walk quickly became 10, so planning was always important 🙈. Laugh as I did today I couldn’t help thinking I would gladly double all my miles on any walk to be with her again 💜💜💜💜, even though I know she’s by my side always. Two more points of respect today. Mid day we stopped at a beautiful church to pay our respects to a dear friend Richard Wilding (Cheshire Fire). Richard sadly passed away a couple of weeks ago, which meant me and Steve wouldn’t be able to attend his service today. So we took 5 mins to both respect and reflect on the loss of our colleague and dear friend. Secondly, today we have to say goodbye to Jon, one of our pilgrims. He has no rest day so will march forward tomorrow so we won’t see him again on the walk. Top respect to this man and his journey. He is a beautiful man and I have so enjoyed his friendship and conversation. Today was also his Birthday, and no birthday numbers, but he was well excited to be collecting his state pension 💙. We wish him well for a safe passage to Robin Hoods Bay.

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