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Day 7

Well that’s a week in the boots 🥾!!! Just over 110 miles 🤪. The walk today was gentle, kind and just over 12 miles. From Keld we followed the beginnings of the river Swale, through Swaledale into Reeth. Mostly dry for us it was a stunning and beautiful walk. Strangely everyone including myself struggled!! It was like hitting a wall 😩. I can only describe it as an overwhelming tiredness / fatigue. Incredible that everyone we met was feeling the same especially as we crawled into Reeth!! Such a great place and the Black Bull hotel is just what you need when your feeling low. Real fires and John Smiths 😃. Good news is we were here early so that gives us chance to rest and tomorrow to Richmond is our last day before a full day off 👍💪🙏. walked half way today just with Debbie and had some beautiful reflection time. I Can feel her holding me and that big smile 💜. The walk4debbie is easing my pain so much and she is definitely guiding that 💜💜💜💜💜💜. so many walkers now and we all see each other at different points each day. The conversations and friendships build and it’s very special 🤗. We all have a very special commonality and personal reason for doing this walk. Sharing the friendship is healing for us all as we struggle to finish our personal and at times painful pilgrimage. A world of new found friendships surrounded by a common purpose and great natural beauty - it’s not a cure, but perhaps the greatest recipe to build back belief, love and purpose 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🥾🥾

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