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Day 3

The nightmare scenario 🙈. Worst possible circumstances all thrown into one 😂. The weather after being so good was was so severe. One of the hardest walks and climbs of the C2C made so much harder. Rain came in before we hit the first summit, but then came the wind. Gusting 50 - 60 mph !! Was blowing walkers over me included three times 😱. Dangerous stuff on the high climbs and descent. We had to stop at Grassmere for drink and food as we couldn’t even use our stoves for a brew!! Many dropped out at Grassmere and conceded to taxis to patterdale. Don’t blame them really but we were determined to battle on for Debbie💜. The weather cost us massively in time and leaving Grassmere at 16.15 was not ideal. We were hoping the wind would calm but no. The climb and decent had to be done carefully and with both walking poles to anchor when the gusts came. The rain never stopped and at times was a side ways deluge. We arrived in patterdale at 21.30 !!!!. we are in a shepherds hut tonight, but the hotel have been amazing. Everything is so wet 😂 so we filled an already full drying room, so fingers crossed it’s dry for tomorro. Unfortunately the forecast is much the same 😱🙈💩. But Debbie by are side and unicorn 🦄 in the bag we will go again. Here’s a few photos that i could take when occasionally the weather allowed, hence it doesn’t look as bad 😂. I should have shot a short video to show how bad it got , but being honest that would have been dangerous. Still feeling well and positive but Need to sleep now. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

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