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Day 2 update

hi everyone. Today has been tough, but tomorrow will be tougher 🙈. Weather has again been great and some of the scenery incredible 😲. The friendships and camaraderie between walkers is growing quickly as we all meet up along the way. Hard to put this into words but it’s lovely meeting everyone, who are all trying to complete the C2C for their own personal reasons. Uni the unicorn 🦄 on my rucksack is stealing the show as of course is the reason she’s there 💜. Each day we gather growing love and support amongst our fellow walkers. Today’s walk took us alone Ennerdale water leading to a gentle climb up to the end of the dale. Then our first testing ascent and very steep climb. Literally steps straight up!! The views were just breathtaking and we could view how far we’ve come in the last two days. I expect that will be our last view to include the coast. What goes up always comes down and again it was at times steep and uncomfortable 🥵. So we arrived at Rosthwaite after over 9 hours. A bit of a rush to make what was a beautiful full meal. Now laid on our beds totally stuffed and frightening ourselves looking at tomorrows weather 😱. Oh dear! It’s also one of the most difficult hikes climbing 4000 ft towards a finish in Patterdale. It’s gonna be a long very wet day, but Debbie will be there to guide us 💜😍🥰🤗💪💪🙏🙏🤪💜💜💜💜💜💜

Enjoy the pictures😍

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