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Day 10

Felt great to be back in the boots as we push on towards the last but challenging climb up to the North Yorkshire Moors. A gentle walk from the beautiful Richmond to Danby Whiske. 2 became 4 as Chris West and Rob Turner joined us for the 12.5 miles through some stunning Yorkshire countryside. We had lunch in a beautiful church garden where I did my usual Thursday live radio interview. Also got the team to help me with a video recording to send back to the children at Malmesbury School for their work in fund raising. The weather was hot in the afternoon and after a short walk we were chatting away and I looked up to see two dodgy characters walking towards us with a dog. I looked again and thought, wow that’s Richard Naylor and at that time the other man lifted his head and double wow it was our Gary !!!! So very excitingly 4 became 6 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Such a massive and wonderful surprise to have all these great friend and family join us. When we got to the pub/hotel Helen and her sister were also waiting to pick Chris up. I can’t thank them all enough and know how far they had all travelled to join us and off course Debbie. So proud and honoured. slight down side is both me and Steve have today started with bad tummies (I’m being polite) seriously uncomftable and embarrassingly there was a casualty - namely my best shorts 🙈. So just had some soup tonight and after this blog update we are going to crash. thankfully it’s a shortish day again so hoping we can bounce back quickly.

love and respect to all our walkers today and I’m sure a big hug from debbie. 💜💜💜💜💜

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