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Day 1

Sorry this is late but massive internet and signal problems🙈🤣

Been a great day and weather was very good and quite warm. Beautiful walk and this was always going to be emotional. I’m hoping I can upload this so 🤞. Much love to everyone for the love and support 💜. Full of love from the start with Mums poem and hopefully the picture comes through. We traditionally put our feet in the sea and of course collected our pebbles 💜💜. So 15 miles done and only another 188 to do 😂. 2500 ft climbed so only 26,500 more to go. 🤪🥰😍🤗😘😘💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

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James Luty
James Luty

Off to a great start Dad and look at them views! That will be keeping you busy enough trying to get the best pictures you can I'm sure.

Lovely poem too with so many truths what and why you are doing this. Keep reading that when you can and your legs will do the rest.

Stay safe and say Happy. Love James, Maddy and Remi. 😍


Lucy Salem
Lucy Salem

🙏🏼👏🏼 Some lovely pebbles there too. Full of admiration for you. Thinking of you out there 😊

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