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My Name is Adrian Luty

 This Site and its Blog is for anyone who wishes to follow my Walking activities and Fundraising for Debbie.

Debbie was aged 44 years when sadly she passed away late last Year, having been diagnosed two years before that with Cancer.  We met almost 23 years ago and this year we would have been married for 19 Year's.

I have found great comfort and solace in walking, something we both shared a passion and love for.

So in memory and as a tribute and to honour my most beautiful, loving and caring wife, I intend to WALK and if I can, raise much needed funds for those who cared for her and helped treat her Cancer.

I know Debbie is by my side daily and her strength, bravery and courage drives and supports me. I feel her pushing me on and guiding me to support those who supported her. A meaningful cause in the fight against Cancer and the treatment and care needed by those who are affected. 

If I'm honest I also need this both physically and mentally as I fight to understand what has happened. It gives me purpose and focus to try and look forwards, ensuring Debbie's death doesn't become the end of her legacy.

The charities and beneficiaries dearest to us.

Cancer research

McMillan Cancer Support

St Catherine's Hospice    

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About Debbie

Debbie was in two words Vibrant and Bright. She was a ray of sunlight that touched everyone she ever met. Her personality and charm was in her unwavering ability to show/share genuine compassion, care and love. Debbie always used this to help others and she was a true giver in Life. She only ever wanted everyone to be happy.
This was never more evident than in her profession as a teacher, as you will see and hear from the tributes made. She became a cornerstone of the family and of course my rock, best friend, Wife and Love. Taken from us too soon she will be missed by many, but I have no doubt that in life she changed the world and lives of so many for the better - her legacy will live on for generations. I believe that Debbie was one of those Angels, who in life walk amongst us and for sure she is still smiling down on us.

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Community and Charity Projects

Showcase of Work and Events

Charity C2C Walk

For St Catherine's Hospice

Due to COVID restrictions this walk has now been rescheduled to

18th May - 1st June 2021


Use the link below to donate/sponsor  and see more information

The first Charity Walk is in support of St Catherine's Hospice, who nursed, looked after, cared and loved Debbie in the final 6 weeks of her illness. A truly special organisation and team who somehow and in every way supported us both through such a difficult and heartbreaking time. They are Angels in our Community.

£££ Money in the bank £££


Whats already been raised and for who

LJ is being the Banker and keeping a check on whats been happening.

Next up! 2022 McMillan Cancer support


The Pilgrimage 

Hopefully my next distance walk will be the Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage. This legendary Pilgrimage across Northern Spain to the resting place of St James would be a challenge, but one I find almost compelled to do for Debbie and to again try and raise funds for Charity

More to follow

Award Sponsorship

Drama Students

Deborah Luty Stage 4 Performing Arts Annual Award

I am very proud to announce the sponsorship of the above award. The award that was proposed by the Bridgewater High School in Warrington. It is in recognition of Debbie and her work there with students in the performing Arts Faculty. Each Year the award will be presented to a Student in recognition of their excellence and achievement in Drama and Music within Performing Arts. The award will presented together with theatre gift vouchers of up to £200, together with a charity donation of £100.

UTA 2021 100KM


The Australian challenge

Please use the button below to see the details of this extreme and challenging run (Down Under) for Cancer!

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Testimonials & Tributes

There have been so many beautiful Tributes. Here are but a few..........

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The Cheshire Fire and Rescue (CFRS) Smokebusters was a project that successfully promoted Home Fire safety through song and dance. The initiative was very unique and became very popular across Cheshire and the whole Country. The more its popularity grew the more we needed to grow our performers. So in 1999 we (CFRS) agreed a partnership with Bridgewater High School Warrington. Debbie who was the Head of Drama volunteered to audition pupils and dedicate herself to the scheme. So this is how I met Debbie! Debbie together with her students gave up most weekends as well as many midweek nights to performances and rehearsals. Not much more to say other than we made Fire Safety rock. It was a win win partnership for CFRS, the School and especially its students. But without doubt the biggest winners were me and Debbie. My eternal thanks to everyone involved from both CFRS and Bridgwater. Please watch the personal Tribute by David Hunter and the song / video made by the Smokebusters (2020!) for Debbie's Funeral Service

A Tribute by David Hunter (Francis). Actor and former Pupil and Smokebuster

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Song / Video for Debbie by the 2020 Smokebusters

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Home: Video
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